Test-Scratch-Wikis are Scratch Wikis that are not running at an own subdomain but in a wiki-namespace inside http://test.scratch-wiki.info. Every Scratcher who wants helping to build a Scratch-Wiki in his own language can applie for an account at the test-wiki to make start or to join his language. The namespace for all Test-Scratch-Wikis is the same than their Interwiki-Namespace would be, e.g. "fra:", "it:","es:".... Learn more at International-Scratch-Wiki-FAQ.

List of Test Wikis

French Wiki (Français)

FR Authors

Italian Wiki (Italiano)

IT Authors

Spanish Wiki (Español)

SP Authors

Portuguese Wiki (Português)

PT Authors

Slovakian Wiki (slovenský jazyk)

SK Authors

Polish Wiki (Polski)

PL Authors

Turkish Wiki (Türkçe)

TR Authors

Chinese Wiki (中文)

ZHO Authors

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