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This eng is about the part of a block. For a conflict between Scratchers, see Flame War.
"Insert" redirects here. For the Data block with "Insert" in its name, see Insert () at () of () (block). For a tutorial about how to insert a character into a string, see Inserting a Character into a String.

An argument is any area in a block that accepts user input, or another block. It could be a Boolean Block or a value placed inside of a variable or block.


The following are types of arguments in Scratch:

  • Numeric insert
  • String insert
  • Drop-down menu
  • Boolean insert
  • Color insert


Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

Each argument has a Squeak code. These are all available in the "Scratch-Blocks" category in the System Browser.


The following are the types of arguments with their Squeak code:

  • AttributeArgMorph

— The first drop-down in the () of () Sensing block

  • BooleanArgMorph

— To insert a Boolean Block

  • ChoiceArgMorph

— A drop-down menu that does not allow reporter blocks to be dropped in

  • ChoiceOrExpressionArgMorph

— A drop-down menu that allows reporter blocks to be dropped in

  • ColorArgMorph

— A color insert

  • EventTitleMorph

— A broadcast

  • ExpressionArgMorph

— Either a number or string insert

  • ExpressionArgMorphWithMenu

— Either a number or string insert that has a dropdown menu; differs from ChoiceOrExpressionArgMorph in the fact that it can have something typed in

  • SpriteArgMorph

— A sprite drop-down menu

There are other categories in Scratch-Blocks, but those are for block types.


The Replace Item () of () With () block with its arguments and variables highlighted.

Argument names are case-sensitive, and start with a letter. In the Scratch System Browser, they are prefaced with a "$" in the list, and "%" when being called. For example, %S is different from %s.

  • a

— Attributes in the () of () Sensing block

  • b

— A boolean insert

  • c

— A color menu that shows the palette

  • C

— A color menu that does not show the palette

  • d

— The direction menu in the Point in Direction () block

  • D

— The drum menu in the Play Drum () for () Beats block

  • e

— The broadcast list

  • f

— The functions in the () of () (Operators block)

  • g

Graphic Effects list

  • H

— The drop-down in the () Sensor Value block

  • h

— The drop-down in the Sensor ()? block

  • I

— The drop-down in the Set Instrument to () block

  • i

— The first drop-down in the Item () of () block

  • k

— The drop-down in the When () Key Pressed and Key () Pressed? blocks

  • L

— The list drop-down menu

  • l

— The drop-down in the Switch to Costume () block

  • m

— A sprite list; also used for other things

  • n

— A number insert

  • N

— The insert in the Play Note () for () Beats block

  • s

— A string insert

  • S

— The sound names for the drop-downs in the Play Sound () and Play Sound () Until Done blocks

  • v

— The variable drop-down menu

  • W

— The drop-down in the Motor Direction () block

  • y

— The insert in the Delete () of () block

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