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Delete This Clone
2.0 Delete This Clone.png
Category Control
Type Cap
Introduced in 2.0

The Delete This Clone block is a control block and a cap block. It deletes the clone it runs in. This block is the only way, besides for clicking the Green Flag or Stop Sign, to delete clones.

Example Uses

Clones are not often meant to last until the Green Flag or Stop Sign are pressed; this block will delete it.

  • Delete a bullet after being shot
when [space v] key pressed
create clone of [bullet v]
when I start as a clone
point towards [mouse-pointer v]
repeat until < <touching [edge v]?> or <touching [target v]?> >
 move (3) steps
delete this clone
  • Removing sprites that have been found in a hide and seek game
when gf clicked
set [sprites to find v] to (10)
repeat (sprites to find)
 create clone of [Sprite1 v]
when this sprite clicked
say [You got me!] for (2) secs
change [sprites to find v] by (-1)
delete this clone

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