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The link to edit one's post in the forums.

Editing one's post is an option on the forums available for Scratchers on the discussion forums. If one ever makes a mistake or wants to add additional content to a forum post, editing it comes in handy.

How to Edit

The button to save an edited post; the link to go back.

To edit a post of yours on the forums, locate the division box containing your particular post. In the bottom-right corner is a blue link labeled "Edit" which allows you to edit your post. When clicked, it will open up a new page with the text field filled in with your previous text. This can be modified in any way, and hitting "Save" will update the post to the new version.

Going Back

If you accidentally begin to edit a post, there is a "Go back" button next to the "Save" button that will redirect you back to the normal forum topic page. Optionally, you may choose to simply leave the page via accessing a different URL without saving the edit to the page. Most browsers will ask for confirmation before allowing you to do so, as your changes will be lost.


Whenever a page is edited, a small, grey text stamp appears at the bottom of the post stating when it was last edited and who it was edited by. If an admin ever changes your post, it will state that he or she did so you can be aware of why it differs. The stamp is not included in quotes on the forums, nor can the stamp be edited out through the editing process.

New Scratchers

New Scratchers aren't able to edit their posts. This is to prevent spam and to make sure that users with this permission are trusted, since it could be used to troll and confuse the community (though Scratchers could also do this). Due to a glitch, New Scratchers are currently able to edit their posts, however this will be fixed soon. [1]

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