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Example of Scratch competition prizes

A competition (often referred to as a contest) is an event held by Scratchers that usually involves creating projects and competing against other users. Examples include the Scratch Olympics and the Scratch Cup. Prizes can include love-its, art requests, and being in the competition holder's animations. Judging is often done either by the organizer or by the community by taking views and love-its into account.

List of Competitions

Note Note: This is an incomplete list which only includes competitions that have had more than one event.
  • Scratch Olympics
  • Scratch Cup
  • ScratchOff
  • Scratch Championship
  • Art Contests
  • Coloring Contests
  • Colo(u)r Wars
  • Scratchovision Song Contest


One issue about competitions is that prizes are hard to pick. Awarding love-its and favorites as prizes is often looked down upon, but some users find it difficult to make other prizes, usually because their art or programming skills aren't very good. Some users settle for some of the following:

  • Art/programming requests
  • Getting the winner's username in the organizer's signature
  • Advertising of projects in the organizer's signature
  • Having the user's character be in a game/animation

However, there are many competitions which do not award any prizes at all.

Collab Challenge and Collab Camp

The Collab Challenge was an official competition in early 2011 where groups of Scratchers had to work together collaboratively to make a project using certain sprites. The winners were featured on the front page in the curator slot over a period of two weeks.

This event was followed by the Collab Camp, a similar recurring contest with the same prize for the winners. The theme here was projects that expressed or interacted with music.

Each of these competitions has its own theme for entries. So far, there have been two Collab Camps.

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