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|Ell=Κύρια σελίδα
|Ell=Κύρια σελίδα
|Mar=स्क्रैच विकीच्या मुख्यपृष्ठ
|Mar=स्क्रैच विकीच्या मुख्यपृष्ठ
|Tel=స్క్రాచ్ వికీ హోమ్

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Test Wiki Real Wiki
  • Tam = ??? (still missing)
  • Vie = ??? (still missing)

General info about translating pages

This is the /translate subpage that defines the translation links at the top of its base page Scratch Wiki Home. If you are author of this page, just edit it:

  1. If this page name has a black link above in your language, edit this page and add a link to your language's version.
  2. If this page name is wrong in your language and the link is still red, change it.
  3. If this page name is wrong in your language but blue, then click it to go to the existing article, and move that article (using "Move" in the pencil-menu) then come back here and correct the article's name above, so it will be linked right.
  4. If this page name in your language is right but still red, you can create it:
    1. Copy this: {{:Eng:Scratch Wiki Home/translate}}
    2. Click on the red link and create the page.
    3. Paste the string you just copied at the top of the new created page.
    4. Save the page, and you'll have an new article in your language with the right name and with the right translate header!
    5. Use this new page as a start for your translation of that page.

Additional individual page info:

Individual info about translating Eng:Scratch Wiki Home

DACH-Scratch-Wiki-Frontpage-Features at 2016-1-2.png

This page (also called Front Page, Main Page or Start Page) is the most viewed page in every wiki. So it should exist as early as possible and look proper. But it is not the easiest page to build at a Scratch-Wiki, because it's using some templates and sub-pages. Have a look at that page at three Scratch-Wikis:

  • en:Scratch Wiki Home - Home Page of the English and first of all Scratch-Wikis
  • id:Halaman Utama - Home Page of the Indonesien Scratch Wiki that is very similar to the English Scratch-Wiki
  • de:Hauptseite - Home Page of the DACH-Scratch Wiki, that has many additional features (see screenshot to the right). You can decide if you also want to have these features (or other new ones you invent yourself) in the Wiki of your language: Perhaps it's more easy to start simple and later add new features. In any case you should avoid "feature-overload".

A Short description to make a Home page here at a test-wiki:

Go to the source code in en:Scratch Wiki Home and copy it:

Find out the best name for the Home page in your language: A good advice is the name of the wikipedia Home page in your language. Go to the address field of your browsers and change the address to


where [LC] stands for your Language code for example Fra for french and [MPN] stands for your Home page name in your language, for example Scratch Wiki Accueil so in this example the address would be:

If you call this page (with your language!!!) the answer should be "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page." and you can click "edit this page" to create it and copy the Content of the English Scratch-Wiki Home Page there and start to translate it.

Same for real wikis:

Some of the Real-Scratch-Wikis have no proper Home page, surely because that works with templates an templates are missing there: You not only have to copy the Home page content there, but you also have to copy all templates it uses, most important template:Scratchwikiframe.


  1. Scratch Wiki Home/0 - This shows how a copy of the English Home Page would look like if non of the used templates exists at the wiki (Because template:Scratchwikiframe exists here in the Test-Wiki, we replaced it with template:ScratchwikiframeXXX that does not exist)
  2. Scratch Wiki Home/1 - This show how a copy of the English Home Page would look like if the template:Scratchwikiframe exists: The content of the subpages in the boxes is still missing.
  3. en:Scratch Wiki Home - This shows how a copy of the English Home Page would look like after you created sub pages, in this case the sub pages are:
Please don not create the page-names in the red links in the Scratchwikiframe-Boxes!!! Instead of that replace every Sub-Pagename with the Sub-pagename in your language and put your language-code in Home like in Fra:Scratch_Wiki_Accueil where you have the subpages:
You could also get rid of subpages and write the text directly in the parameter section of the template:Scratchwikiframe, but that's not as clear and professionell like doing it with sub pages.
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