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Simulation projects are projects that imitate something in reality. These can range from driving a car and demonstrating physics, among a few examples.[1]

Examples of Simulations

Some projects created in this genre display inspiration from popular video games such as SimCity. These are meant to emulate life or management situations, and include things such as tycoon projects.

A simulation project could be a project containing a flying plane. Another genre is physics simulation, in which a project emulates the effects of gravity, collision, and/or other forces on objects. Complex physics simulations can be created quite easily with Scratch's graphics system,[2] so these are quite popular.

Mathematical simulations are another genre of simulation projects. Some examples include fractal rendering engines, 3D engines using trigonometry, and probability simulations. Projects which solve problems or simulate a mathematical concept are popular as well. Projects which iterate through the Collatz Conjecture, or draw the Lorenz Attractor, can be found on the website.

OS Simulations

Main article: Operating System

These are possibly the most popular kind of simulation. They simulate a real computer.

Game Simulations

Game simulations can simulate popular games such as Mario, and they can be interactive videos. They can also be something from real life that was turned into a game. Game simulations include flying a plane, baking something, jumping over something, breaking something, or anything that is possible in real life!

Humorous simulations

A very rare type of a simulation project is a humorous simulation which involves interaction with humorous situations.[3] However, this should not be confused with comedy animation projects.

A popular type of humorous simulations is a "comment simulator" which plays very hilarious posts either on the Scratch website[4][5] or another site.[6][7]

Talk simulator

See also: Creating a Chat Bot

Talk simulators, also known as a chatter bot, simulate talking to a real person. They use sprites and "Ask" Blocks to create these. They are very limited most of the time, as if you make a typo you might have to restart (Depending on the type of simulator).


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