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This Wiki has has multiple Homepages because it's for creating new Wikis. A Scratch Wiki Home for each language and a About/Test Scratch Wiki Home for each languages community creating that Wiki. see: FAQ

{{{langname-en}}} Wiki ({{{langname}}})

  • [[{{{code}}}:{{{mainpage}}}]]
  • [[Special:PrefixIndex/{{{code}}}:|All Articles with prefix {{{code}}}:]]


  • [[user:{{{author}}}|{{{author}}}]] (scratch user, [[Special:Contributions/{{{author}}}|contribs]], [[User talk:{{{author}}}|talk]])

About this page

This is the Start-Page page is for organizing the creation of the {{{langname-en}}} Scratch Wiki. It should not be confused with the Start-Page of the {{{langname-en}}} Scratch Wiki that is here: [[{{{code}}}:{{{mainpage}}}]]

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