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This FAQ is only about the Test-Scratch-Wiki and creating of international wiki. You can find FAQ's about Scratch itself at: [[:en:Scratch Wiki:Frequently Asked Questions]].  
This FAQ is only about the Test-Scratch-Wiki and creating of international wiki. You can find FAQ's about Scratch itself at: [[:en:FAQ]].  
== What other FAQs could I use? ==
== What other FAQs could I use? ==
The English Scratch-Wiki has an own FAQ (= Frequently Asked Question List) about the Wiki itself:
The English Scratch-Wiki has an own FAQ (= Frequently Asked Question List) about the Wiki itself:

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This FAQ is only about the Test-Scratch-Wiki and creating of international wiki. You can find FAQ's about Scratch itself at: en:FAQ.

What other FAQs could I use?

The English Scratch-Wiki has an own FAQ (= Frequently Asked Question List) about the Wiki itself:

It's helpful with many questions (some still missing here) but is not focusing the international scratch wikis like this one.

How can I see what's going on on the wiki?

Have a look at the Wiki-menu RecentChanges (second menu item at the first menu in the left menu bar): There you always find a (customisable) list of the latest edit's. See the RecentChanges of other Scratch-Wikis here:

How can I find "co-authors" of my language?

You find the existing co-authors here, ordered by language: Test-Scratch-Wikis

To find new co-authors here are some Ideas that have been successful for some languages. All Ideas that have to do with "meeting" should only be practiced by adult Scratches.

  • Try to motivate people at the Scratch-Forum of your language. Use a Signatur that motivates to join the wiki of your language.
  • Try to find people of your language that want to help at Scratch-Days an Scratch-Conferences
  • Organize a "Scratch-Wiki-Party" were inteesed People of your language can meet to make a start
  • Start with Online-Meetings of Scratchers in your Language

When will "my wiki" be transferred from "test"-Wiki to a "real"-Wiki?

We startest with the Test-Scratch-Wiki at this "Wiki-Incubator" because we made the experience that it is very difficult for an new Scratch-Wiki to survive is not "strong enough". So we would always suggest to stay within the test-wiki until your wiki is "strong enough", because you will be alone with the people of your language after it has been made a Real-Scratch-Wiki: It's much more difficult to get in contact and help a wiki that's complete in a language the other international Scratcher cant speak.

What does a Wiki need to be "strong enough" to survive

A wiki is "strong enough" if it has an active community and it has structures that would help it be active even if some authors leave. Therefore it needs:

  • 3-5 active authors (must be native speaker of that language and have enogh scratch and wiki experience to write proper articles)
  • Somebody who cares for technology administration (The existing admins of the international scratch wikis can do that)
  • Somebody or multiple people who makes content decisions and does community administration (in case of disputes and edit-wars)
  • Regular inflow of new authors (including technology and description "how to get author")
  • A working community portal
  • A introduction page
  • Help pages for editors
  • A working wiki skin of that language
  • A decent amount of:
    • Articles
    • Templates that are used by articles
    • Categories that are used by articles
    • Scratchblocks plugin usage within your articles
    • Image usage within your articles
    • Note: These must be good enough to be used as "best practice" for new articles, templates and categories. New authors will always look at old existing items to see how to make new content, so if you have good starting-items (articles, templates, categories), the whole wiki-future will profit from that.

When you think your wiki is "strong enough" to survive, feel free to contact user:Jvvg, user:ErnieParke or user:Mtwoll, who will help you to transfer the wiki of your language from a Test-Scratch-Wiki to a Real-Scratch-Wiki.

What is a Community Portal?

It's a page of the wiki that works like a forum: It's the main place for generell discussions for the wiki-community (but it's not the only place: there is also a discussion page for every article and every user-page) Examples:

What is a Template?

Templates are very important to make Wikis look pretty and consistent without having to much edit trouble. Every wiki should use templates to avoiding double typing-work: You only have to change things at on places, even if they are used hundreds of times at different places at the wiki.

Find out more at: en:Help:Templates

What is a Category?

Categories helps to structure the Wiki and to find things that belong together.

Find out more at: en:Help:Categories

What is a Wiki-Skin?

The "Wiki-Skin" provides the wiki with a special "look and feel" and is partly language dependent, so it must be translated. The Wiki-Skin Determines the Header, Footer an Side-Bars of the wiki as well as the colors and Typographie and specially the Logo-Image of the wiki. It consists of a set of files text and image files (normal transported in a ZIP-File) that has to be installed "inside" the wiki (copied at the File-Server wer the wiki runs, you need Sysop-Admin rights to do that, Wiki-Admin rights are note enough). You can download the Skin from Github in the English version, translated it locally (just change the English Menunames and the logo-Picture) and send it to the Sysop-Admin who can install it.


What is the "Block Plugin"?

The Block Plugin, also known as scratchblocks2, is a plugin for the and Scratch forums that allows images to be constructed through text that is parsed and rendered. It saves lot's of work because you dont have to sceenshot and upload Block-Pictures to show them at the wiki, but you just have to type in the block-Names.You can try playing around with the plugin on the test page.

see: en:Block Plugin

What is a "Name Space"?

In the Test-Scratch-Wiki the most important usage of namespaces is to distinct the languages. So e.G. the prefix "It:" in means, that this is an article of the Italien Test-Wiki.

In generals Pages on a MediaWiki wiki are grouped into collections called "namespaces", which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level.

Learn more about Namespaces at: en:Help:Namespaces

How can Wikians of the English Scratch-Wiki help us?

See: en:S:PORTAL#The_international_Scratch_Wikis_need_your_help

Where do I find a basic introduction for editing the wiki?

This set of help articles should also be translated and be a part of the wiki of any languages. If it is not translated for your language please feel free to start ;-)

Where do I get the best overview what happens at all international Scratch-Wikis?

de:Scratch-Wiki:Watch is a link-page to look for and to help the international scratch wikis. You find there all admins and there role at the different Real-Scratch-Wikis. Also you find links to the most important special pages of the international wikis like "Recent Changes", "Active Authors" and so on. Be aware of, that orientating in the international scratch wikis is not easy for non-natives, e.g. to go to a page-name in japanese letters. It's easier to jump from a link at de:Scratch-Wiki:Watch to special page.

How do I request an account at the Test-Scratch-Wiki?

For Which Languages do "Real-Scratch-Wikis" or "Test-Scratch-Wikis" already exist?

How do I start a new scratch-wiki if there is no one for my languages ?

How came the Test-Scratch-Wiki into Existence?

Do I only have to translate or can I create my own independent Contenance?

Each Scratch-Wiki is independent so any article could be started in any wiki: You don't have only to to translate but also can create new articles. Also you can create your own Templates and categories Independent of the English Scratch-Wiki. For example there are many articles that are only exist in the German Scratch-Wiki and even articles that where translated from German to English. So: Be innovative ;-)

Does it make sense to copy-translate Articles from the English Scratch-Wiki?

Because the English Wiki has over 1000 Articles and exists since 2008 there is a good chance that there is already a popper English article about most Scratch-Related subjects that could help you to get a start. You can Interwiki-Link this Article to your new article so it's easy to jump there. You also can copy the English text to make use of it's usage of format and templates (most English templates and pictures have been copied here, so this could work very easy). Don't copy to much English text without translating it immediately else the wiki of your language will get a mess.

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