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Quare oportet Latinam non esse Scratch Wiki?

  1. Scratch latine quia licet sit unus officialis linguis Latina de statu (etsi parvum admodum est publica ;-) intueri videatur sectione officialis Info linguarum sunt in arca.
  2. Quia Scratch est plerumque adsuesco assuesco per pupillam in doctoribus et plures illorum sunt ut cope et discendi et docendi Latine antiquae linguae convenit multum bonus est digitis: et disce Latinam discere Scratch et Latine cum Scratch.
  3. Puto suus 'a unique pluma of Scratch quod lingua sustinet. Quod optime potest a featuring ostensum est valde specialis linguas Latinam amo, vel Esperanto Klingonica (sicut fecerunt Pages vide + + ). Aut sicut fecerunt Asterix, quod sane in Europa vide:

Sic enim et Latina Latine Scratch Forum Welcome to Scratch est optimus via ut sisterent unique pluma of Scratch haec in palam. Ipsum enim bonum ejus Scratch dicens: "Nonne tu scis quia non est qui operatur et qui linguae vulgaris programming latine? Etiam got ad Latinam Scratch Forum Welcome to + Scratch et latine. Wow! ":-)

In English: Why should there be a Latin Scratch Wiki?

  1. Scratch in Latin is allowed because Latin is one of the official languages of a state (even if it is a very small state ;-): see look at the section Official languages in the Info box.
  2. Because Scratch is mostly used by pupil an teachers and many of them have to cope with learning and teaching ancient languages Latin fits very good to Scratch: Learn Latin with Scratch and learn Scratch with Latin.
  3. I think it's a unique feature of Scratch that it supports any language. That can be best shown by featuring very special languages like Latin, Esperanto or even Klingon (like they did in Wikipedia, see + + ). Or they did with the Asterix-Comics that a very popular in Europe see:

So a Latin Scratch Wiki and a Latin Scratch Forum is the best way to present this unique feature of Scratch to the public. Its’s good marketing for Scratch to say “Did you know that there is just one popular programming language that also works in Latin? They even got a Latin Scratch Forum + a Latin Scratch Wiki. Wow!” :-)

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