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"User" redirects here. For a user on the Scratch Wiki, see Scratch Wiki:Users.
Esta página é sobre pessoas que usam Scratch. Para o mecanismo em que o Website do Scratch foi feito, veja ScratchR.

Um Scratcher é o nome dado a todos que usam Scratch, e usuários registrados no Website do Scratch. Pode também se referir a um usuário no Scratch que recebeu o status "Scratcher" depois de participar e ser ativo no site, que dá ao usuário algumas capacidades, como usar variáveis de nuvem.


Página principal: Creating an Account

The default icon given to new Scratchers, created by Yickpoo.[1]

To become a Scratcher, one must make an account.

The following information must be entered:

  1. Nome de usuário (entre 3 and 20 caráteres)
  2. Senha (Deve ser pelo menos 6 caráteres; nunca compartilhe-o!)
  3. Confirmar senha
  4. Mês e ano de nascimento (Nunca será compartilhado para ninguém, somente usado para o site de estatísticas do Scratch. Also used to confirm if you're the right person when deleting an account.)
  5. E-mail address (Parent/guardian's e-mail if under 13; do not share this either; will be only used for confirming the address or resetting password)
  6. Gender (male, female, or other)
  7. País

Some of the information is used for the Scratch Statistics site, and some of it will also appear on your My Stuff Page. Some is for reference for the Scratch Team.

Following this, an account will be created, with a default Scratch Cat icon.


There has been some discussion on what a Scratcher actually is.[2] It can be any of the following:

The meaning most commonly used is the first: a user on the Scratch Website. The second most common is number 4: A user on the Scratch Forums.


Despite all members being Scratchers of some sort, there are some official ranks dividing users, and some unofficial ranks as well.

A user new to the Scratch program or website is often considered a New Scratcher. Users new to the website have this status as well, even if they have been using the program for a while. Scratch Mentors are Scratchers who help the Scratch Team with creating new Scratch Helper Groups programs. The Scratch Team are the administrators of the website, and also the creators of Scratch. Officially, all other users are considered regular Scratchers, but some users differentiate based on their level of experience, activity, and what they specialize in. Curators and Scratch Design Studio curators are also grouped separately by some, and so are Retired Community Moderators.

Note Note: Community Moderators are Scratchers who have extra tools to help keep the community safe. In all other respects, they are like regular Scratchers. These are not in the 2.0 Version of Scratch.


There are many users on the Scratch Website, with the number growing every day. There are currently about 10,000,000 registered members.[3]

Veja também

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