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Real-Scratch-Wikis are Scratch Wikis that exists in their own domain or subdomain. They existed years before was set up (in 9/2015). The original Scratch Wiki was the English one originally started at Wikia by some young Scratchers, for a time hosted by the Scratch Team at the MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Group, and now on the same servers as this wiki. The DACH, INDO, RU, JA, HU and the NL Scratch-Wikis where set up later as sister projects by the international Scratch Community mainly driven by the DACH-Scratch-Wikians.

Because they saw - after first successes with DACH and INDO - how difficult it is for the starting Scratch-Wikians to build up their Wiki and their Wiki-Community, they decided not to set up separate Wikis for starters anymore, but to use this Test-Scratch-Wiki as an "Scratch Wiki Incubator" where starters will get help and coaching from the international community until their Scratch-Wiki "can stand on its own feet".

Every Scratcher who wants help to build a Scratch-Wiki in his own language can apply for an account at the test-wiki to make start or to join his language. Every Real-Scratch-Wiki has his own domain and sub domain with as much namespaces as needed and they use all the same kind of namespaces for Interwiki to connect articles about the same thing in different languages like in Wikipedia, e.G. "en:", "de:", "id:", "ru", "ja", "hu:", "nl:", "fr:"'

Learn more at International-Scratch-Wiki-FAQ.

The Real-Scratch-Wikis are:

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