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This documentation is transcluded from Template:ForumDescription/doc.

The forum description template is used for pages about different forums. It is used in the following format:

| name = Name of the forum. Will be replaced with the pagename if not specified.
| activity = Write: (low, moderate or high) amount of topics and a (low, moderate or high) amount of replies.
| date = The year when the forum was made. Do not attempt to link, just write the year as there is already a built-in linking system.
| userpost = Which users can post. New Scratchers? Scratchers? ST? Mods?
| deletion = Date when the forum was archived.
| description = Description from the front page of the forums.
| formername = Did the forum used to be called something else? If so put it here.


Announcements (forum)

Amount of activity: Low amount of topics and a moderate amount of replies.
Opened: Sometime in 2007
Types of users who can post: Only the Scratch Team may create topics, but anyone may post replies
Archived: This forum has never been archived
Brief description: "Updates from the Scratch Team."
Previously named: It was always called Announcements

Announcements is a forum used by the Scratch Team to announce stuff.

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