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Use the following steps to create a new Test Wiki:

  1. Create the namespace (this must be done by someone with server access and must be done before any of the other steps; if you do not have server access, contact someone who does). Do the following in the correct locations (properly indented, unlike here), where lan is the ISO 639-2/T language code and ln is the ISO 629-1 code:
    • Add defineTestWiki('LAN', 'Lan', 'ln', next even number);
  2. Create the home page (ask the person who wants to create the Wiki what title to use), for starter content copy the English Wiki home
  3. Create the Lan:Test Scratch Wiki Home page, by subst:ing Eng:Test Scratch Wiki Home (parameters needed are obvious by looking there)
  4. Add the Wiki to Eng:Scratch Wiki Home/translate and Eng:Test Scratch Wiki Home/translate
  5. Add the Wiki to Template:Translate and Template:Translate/doc
  6. Add the Wiki to the sidebar (this must be done by an administrator; if you are not an administrator, ask an administrator)
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