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This Scratch Wiki page is about the Scratch Wiki blocking policies. For blocks on the Scratch Website, see Ban.

On the Scratch Wiki, a Wiki Bureaucrat may decide to block a user from editing.

What happens to a blocked user

The message shown when blocked users try to edit a page

When a user is blocked, the user is forbidden from editing any pages on the Wiki. However, the user is not blocked from viewing pages. Blocked users are essentially treated as users who are not logged in.

When users are blocked


Owing to the fact that the Scratch Wiki has a closed account system, requiring users to request an account before registering, bad behavior is fairly rare on the Wiki. However, there have been instances of users vandalizing the Wiki and refusing to follow the Wiki guidelines. If the violations are repeated and the user shows no signs of stopping, then a Administrator or Experienced Wikian may request that a bureaucrat block that user.

Other reasons

Occasionally there are blocks that have nothing to do with bad behavior or vandalism. These usually are caused by users switching accounts or accidental account creation, as account deletion is not possible with MediaWiki.

Main site bans carrying over to the Wiki

In general, users that are blocked on the main site are not blocked on the Wiki. However, if they carry drama about their ban over or otherwise continue their behavior on the Wiki, then they will be blocked.

Who can block users

Only Bureaucrats may block users on the Wiki. Administrators and Experienced Wikians may not block users, but they are able to request that a Bureaucrat block a user.

How users can become unblocked

If a user is blocked for bad behavior, then he/she may contact the user who created the block to be unblocked either on his/her profile page or via the Contact Us link.

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