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Bureaucrats is a usergroup which has added privileges over the administrators usergroup. Bureaucrats are mainly Scratch Team members. The full list of bureaucrats can be found here.


Most of the time, bureaucrats are also placed in the administrator user group. This means that the administrator rights and the bureaucrats rights are merged. To see the rights each user group has, see this page for more information. The main rights that a bureaucrat has, but an administrator does not, are:

  • block: blocking users from the wiki

— See Help:Blocking users

  • blockemail: blocks a user from sending an email to another user; although that feature isn't used on this wiki, bureaucrats still have that right over administrators
  • lookupcredentials: looking up user credentials
  • interwiki: edit interwiki data
  • requestips: view a requested account's IP address
  • userrights: edit all user rights

— See: Special:ListGroupRights and Help:Assigning permissions