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=== Slovakian Wiki (slovenský jazyk) ===  
=== Slovakian Wiki (slovenský jazyk) ===  
* '''Svk:'''
* '''SVK:'''
* [ All Articles with Prefix '''Svk:''']
* [ All Articles with Prefix '''SVK:''']
''' SVK Authors '''
''' SVK Authors '''
* [[user:IAP-Reloaded‎]]
* [[user:IAP-Reloaded‎]]

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Test-Scratch-Wikis are Scratch Wikis that are not running at their own subdomain but in a wiki-namespace on this wiki. Every Scratcher who wants help building a Scratch-Wiki in their own language can apply for an account at this wiki to start up or join a wiki in their language.

The namespace for Test-Scratch-Wikis are NOT the same as their interwiki namespaces would be because that would interfere with the interwiki linking later on. Instead, they have namespaces defined by ISO 639-2 codes, such as "Fra" or "Ita". Learn more at International-Scratch-Wiki-FAQ.

List of Test Wikis

French Wiki (Français)


For Reference:

Italian Wiki (Italiano)

IT Authors

Spanish Wiki (Español)

SP Authors

Portuguese Wiki (Português)

PT Authors

Slovakian Wiki (slovenský jazyk)

SVK Authors

Polish Wiki (Polski)

POL Authors

Turkish Wiki (Türkçe)

TUR Authors

Chinese Wiki (中文)

ZHO Authors

Korean Wiki (한국어)

Korean logo Exp.png

KOR Authors

Hindi Wiki ( )

HIN Authors

Hebrew Wiki (עברית)

HEB Authors


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