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=== Users you can contact on Scratch ===
=== Users you can contact on Scratch ===
* MartinWollenweber
* U_W_N
* jvvg
* LiFaytheGoblin
* ErnieParke
* ErnieParke
* jvvg
* KrIsMa
* KrIsMa
* LiFaytheGoblin
* MartinWollenweber
* U_W_N
== List of created Wikis ==
== List of created Wikis ==

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Hello! The Scratch Wiki community is interested in setting up wikis in other languages. If you are interested in translating and creating a Scratch Wiki in a new language, then continue reading this page. The Scratch Wiki community will help you get started.

If you want to create a wiki in your native language, please first check at this website to see if a wiki in your language already exists. If a wiki in your language is missing, please read for basic information on how to set up a test wiki here.

New Scratch Wikis begin life in the Test Scratch Wiki. The Test Scratch Wiki is basically a giant sandbox where Scratchers can create Scratch articles in their language. If a wiki becomes big enough with enough active contributors, it will branch off into it's own official Wiki website. To register in the Test Wiki, please go to Scratch Wiki:Become a Contributor. Tell us

  • what you want to help with (content/technical stuff)
  • what sort of stuff you would write about (i.e. name a few articles you would write)
  • which languages you speak (for content, must be fluent)
  • which experiences you have with MediaWiki (for technical stuff)

If we approve of your application we'll create an account in the Test Wiki for you. Then you can start making articles, templates, categories and so on in the namespace of your language (eg. EN for english). Examples can be found below.

Please get in touch with an admin of the Test Wiki as soon as

  • you've gathered an active community of authors of your language
  • you've created a few articles, pages (including help pages), templates, categories and so on
  • you've gained enough experience and feel like you can edit independently
  • you've found at least one one person who will be the responsible admin for your language

We'll review your work and if we think it is okay we will create a real Wiki for you. You will get accounts for it and will transfer all the content over for you.

Good luck!

-- the Test Wiki Team

Helpful Links

Media Wiki

Users you can contact on Scratch

  • MartinWollenweber
  • U_W_N
  • jvvg
  • LiFaytheGoblin
  • ErnieParke
  • KrIsMa

List of created Wikis

All existing international Wikis can be found at

  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • English (Join)
  • German (Deutsch) (Join)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) (Join)
  • Japanese (日本語) (Join)
  • Russian (Русский)

List of Test Wikis

Language test-wiki real-wiki