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Gobo TOC.pngİçindekiler Tablosu > Öğreticiler > Diğer Öğreticiler

Çizim ve Animasyon

— How to animate a sprite

— How to make it seem as if the mouse is drawing

— How to make a color picker inside a Scratch project

— How to make a 3D object and making it spin

— How to make good cartoons

Scratch Connections

— How to connect to Scratch with Actionscript

— How to connect to Scratch with Python with a GUI

Variables and Lists

— How to automatically place a new list item in the proper place

— How to sort a list

— What variables are, and how to use them


— How to create a Scratch account

— How to embed a project on an external website

— How to add a curator to a studio

— A guide to getting your projes more popular


— How to add new bloklar to Scratch

— How to create a Scratch Modification

— How to use the MoviePlayerMorph in Squeak

— A tutorial about Squeak coding


— A guide to remixing

— A guide to getting your projelerini more popular

— How to make a simple life simulation in Scratch.

— How to export a Scratch project to and EXE, APP, or JAR

— How to rip sprites from a sprite sheet

— Bir projeden nasıl veri kaydedilir

— How to make something happen after the stop sign is pressed.

— Learn how to compose a song by using note blocks