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An SDS Curator, or Scratch Design Studio Curator, is a curator selected to add projects to the Scratch Design Studio. The Scratch Design Studio is a themed studio run by the Scratch Team that appears on the front page and is changed approximately every month. SDS curators can recommend new curators, and if some other curators say that they would be a good part of the team, and the Scratch Team approves of them becoming one, they will get an invite to become an SDS curator. They have also shared a project on their collab account, SDS-Updates, that is a tutorial on How to Become an SDS Curator. All Scratch Design Studios are created by the account ScratchDesignStudio.

List of SDS Curators

Current SDS Curators

The following users are then invited to be curators of the studio:[1]

Note Note: The curators are listed in alphabetical order.
  • 4LeafClovR
  • Abstract-
  • ceebee (Scratch Team member)
  • CrazyNimbus
  • derpmeup
  • fmtfmtfmt2
  • getbent
  • GreenIeaf
  • Hamish752
  • joletole
  • Malik44
  • puppymk
  • speakvisually (Scratch Team member)
  • st19_galla
  • technoboy10 (Scratch Team member)
  • The_Grits

Scratch Team members also occasionally help the Scratch Design Studio, although most of them don't curate the studios.

Past SDS Curators

The following were SDS curators at one point, but have opted out.

All Camp Counselors were curators of the Create with These Characters SDS.
  • 777atscratch
  • BlueDogXL
  • Ionosphere
  • jji7skyline
  • knight5656
  • LiFaytheGoblin
  • Lightnin (then-Scratch Team member)
  • lilacfuzz101
  • pokemongardevoir
  • poopo
  • Scimonster
  • sparks
  • stevetheipad
  • taranir (then-Scratch Team member)
  • scmb1 (Scratch Team member)
  • Unrealisation
  • wackerL
  • Wolfie1996
  • ZaharaMar

There have been other SDS Curators that retired, but some of them are unknown since they didn't curate the studios until the update was added where people could curate studios.

In the Create with these Characters SDS, all CCC counselors were made curators.[2]


SDS Curators spend many hours with SDS related work. For instance, they add/review projects, they discuss SDS related things in the SDS Private Forum, and more. It isn't an easy job to have.

Reviewing and Adding Projects

The main duty of an SDS curator is to add projects to the SDS. However, the SDS Curators also have to review the project first, to make sure it's suitable for the front page, and that it fits the requirements of the SDS. It's not uncommon for an SDS Curator to not add a project, but when they don't, they notify the creator of the project that the project was not added for whatever reason, and ask them to repost the link when fixed. When a project is added, they also notify the creator, telling the user that their project has been added. This is to avoid confusion among the user and other curators. Curators discuss specific projects they aren't sure about in the private SDS forum.

Answering Questions

Curators also have to answer questions other users have about the Scratch Design Studio, and answer comments in the studios. They have to answer hundreds of comments which aren't just about the SDS, but about Scratch too.

Choosing New SDS Themes

The SDS curators also choose future SDS themes with the Scratch Team. Some SDS studios are new and original ideas for themes, and some ideas picked were submitted as a project in the 'Propose SDS Themes Here!' studio.

Setting up new studios

When a theme has been officially chosen, it's the job of the SDS Curators to set up the new studio. The studio itself is made by the Scratch Team, but it's the role of the curators to get the description, thumbnail, title and seed projects. They often discuss their progress in the private SDS forum.

Choosing New Curators

When new curators are required, it's the current SDS curators role to decide new curators. They discuss this in the private SDS forum. When they've decided on (a) new curator(s), they notify the Scratch Team, who gets in touch with the new curator(s).

Becoming a Curator

The past Scratch Team member taranir made a project explaining how you could become an SDS curator. The current curators have recently updated the project with more information. It said:

Be friendly, thoughtful and polite.

Comment often, and constructively.

SDS curators have to answer hundreds of comments, not just add projects. This includes answering various questions about Scratch and SDS, or making constructive comments about projects. You can show that you fit the role by making helpful replies to comments like these!

Be reliable and committed.

We need curators that will be active and dedicated for at least a few months. They should also let us know if they'll be inactive for long periods of time or need to step down. Real life and school comes first, but you should not ask to be an SDS curator unless you know that you'll be able to check in and add a few projects a couple times a week.

SDS curators are chosen when we see people doing all these things in the community. There is currently no application process, but you can be invited to be a curator by giving great, constructive feedback to submissions over a long period of time.

– taranir, then-Scratch Team member [3]

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