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SandCastleIcon.png This page has links to outside of the Scratch website or Wikipedia. Remember to stay safe when using the internet as we can't guarantee the safety of other sites.

Scratch Wiki'nin logosu

Scratch Viki Scratch programlama dili ve etrafındaki web sitesi, tarihi ve olayları hakkında bilgi sağlayan ücretsiz, işbirliğine dayalı olarak yazılan bir vikidir. Scratch Viki Scratch Ekibi tarafından desteklenmektedir ama ağırlıklı olarak Scratch'çiler tarafından yazılmaktadır. Scratch Wiki,kodlar ve öğreticiler için popüler bir bilgi kaynağıdır ve Scratchers onu birincil bilgi kaynağı olarak kullandıkça büyümeye devam eder. Bu, Dünya'nın dört bir yanındaki Scratch'çilerin yapıp paylaşaçağı ve göreceği detaylı makaleleri de içine alır.

Şu anda Scratch Wiki'de 104 makale vardır.

Şu anda Scratch Wiki'de toplamda 22.772 düzenleme vardır.

Şu anda Scratch Wiki'ye 173 kullanıcı kaydolmuş durumda.


Eski Scratch Wiki logosu

6 Aralık 2008'de, LukeTek Scratch Programming Wiki'yi oluşturdu, a normal wiki created solely (meaning without anything or anyone else involved) by himself; the Scratch Team were not involved at all. He handed the wiki (gave admin privileges) over to JuiceyBox, who later handed the wiki to Lucario621. He advertised the wiki in the Miscellaneous forum and many people helped contribute to it. However, the articles were of projects, users and the like. The wiki was cleaned up, but by then people had lost interest. A few people stayed behind though and the wiki steadily grew.

Eventually, the Scratch Team saw the wiki. They liked it and wanted to advertise it on the Scratch Website, but they had some concerns: it had advertisements, it wasn't on a domain and there was no way to tell if a user on the wiki was the same user on Scratch. To solve these problems, andresmh, JSO and Lucario621 created a new Scratch Wiki, hosted on the Scratch servers.[1] All three problems were solved: there were no advertisements, it was on a domain and there was a way to ensure that users on the wiki were the same users on Scratch: Account creation was locked; people would request for an account instead.

How to Become a Contributor

Main page: Scratch Wiki:Become a contributor

If people could freely create accounts, it would be possible to impersonate other users by creating an account with their username. To work around this, Scratchers must request for an account.

To request an account, Scratchers go here and request for an account. You will be asked to comment a verification code on a project. This is simply to make sure that you are who you say you are.

If the administrators create the account (can take up to several days, but it is often shorter), then the user will be told on their profile by an administrator. The user can then log in with the username and password they decided when requesting the account.

Not all accounts are created — administrators and Experienced Wikians review all account requests and MUST decide whether to create the account. Having no projects will dramatically decrease the chance of a user getting a Wiki account, as will not giving a reason or giving an extremely brief reason. One's reason should explain why they think they should get an account, what experience they have and any other information if the user wishes. The reason, the correctness of grammar and spelling in a user's reason and the amount of experience a user has all go into deciding whether an account is created.

Make sure to fully read and understand everything on it before requesting to become a contributor.

Scratch Wikis in other languages

Scratch-wiki-FAQ logo.png

The Scratch Team encourages Scratch communities of other languages to build up their own Scratch Wikis. If your native language is not English or you are interested in foreign languages, you are invited to found a wiki or contribute in an already existing Scratch Wiki of your native language. Every author of the English Scratch-Wiki is welcomed to help as an "International Scratch Wiki Coach" even without knowing the target-languages, because for motivating, coaching and teaching English works.

Starting a Scratch-Wiki in your language

Because it is not so easy to set up a Mediawiki and to establish a community, there is a kind of "Scratch-Wiki-Incubator" or "Giant Multi-Language-Sandbox" at and the explanation How To Scratch Wiki to start a scratch-wiki in a language that doesn't exist. There is also an international community to help you. The forum-topic for translating the wiki is here. If you want to help building international wikis, read We need your help: Apply for getting "International Scratch Wiki Coach". All Scratch Wikis can be accessed through the domain. A big overview Link-Table about all existing scratch-wikis and their users, admins,activities and setup-parameters can be found at de:Scratch-Wiki:Watch.

Just started Test-Scratch-Wikis

Test-Scratch-Wiki without Startpage

  • Polish Scratch-Wiki (about)
  • Slovakian Scratch-Wiki (about)


Main article: DACH-Scratch Wiki
Logo of the DACH-Scratch Wiki

The first of these international "sister-projects" were the DACH-Scratch Wiki in the German language that started in February 2012 and has over 530 articles (as of February 2016) and a very active community from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

It is separately hosted because the Scratch Team advised the founding Scratchers from Germany to start independently, but it got its layout and some MediaWiki extensions from the original English Scratch Wiki. Though it is not only a translation, many articles in the German wiki have a link to their corresponding articles in the other wikis via the so-called Interwiki feature.


Rusça Scratch Wiki'nin logosu

Rusça Scratch Wiki (Скретч Вики)[2] and has 76 articles. The Russian Scratch Wiki is on the domain.


Logo of the Indonesian Scratch Wiki
The Indonesian Scratch Wiki (Scratch Indo Wiki) is the third of the international wikis made. The idea for an Indonesian Scratch Wiki was already discussed in 2013, but it did not have enough contributors to be created until 2014.[3]

With help and assistance from the DACH Wiki team, the Indonesian Scratch Wiki was created on September 5th, 2014.[4] Their first article was about backdrops and can be viewed here. Indonesian Scratch Wiki is also known as Indo-Scratch-Wiki (short for Indonesian Scratch Wiki) and Scratch-Indo-Wiki (as related to Indonesian grammar rules whereas the adjectives are after the nouns). The wiki has only 77 articles and a handful of members, but is slowly growing.

The official Scratch account for Scratch-Indo-Wiki can be accessed here. The wiki is located at


Logo of the Japanese Scratch Wiki

The Japanese Scratch Wiki (Scratch Wiki Japan) started in March 2015 after a user applied for it in the Scratch Wiki in Your Native Language topic.[5] The DACH-Scratch-Wiki Team later answered and accepted the application.[6]

The logo was created by shuprogram and posted here.

It currently has 8 articles and 18 contributors.


Logo of the Hungarian Scratch Wiki

The Hungarian Scratch Wiki was started on September 10th, 2015. It currently has 2 articles and 9 contributors.


Logo of the Dutch Scratch Wiki

The Dutch Scratch Wiki (not to be confused with the Deutsch, DACH or German wiki) was started in September 2015. It currently has only 18 articles, and 24 contributors.

April Fools

Main article: April Fool's Day#Wiki (since 2014

Her Bir Nisan günü,2014'ten bu yana, the Scratch Wiki revamps many articles into satirical articles joking about either the subject of the article or Scratch itself.


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