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The profile picture that people joining the Chair of Republic would change to.

Chair of Republic(CoR) was a trend where users changed their icons to chairs.[1]


Originally, the owner, NilsTheBest changed his profile picture to a chair as a joke. It was supposed to be temporary and last for a week. But then he noticed that two or three people changed their profile pictures, so he decided to make a studio for it.


Shortly after the creation of the studio and the promotion of a few curators, other managers and NilsTheBest often changed the title[2] (while keeping the original title name "Chair of Republic" in it). Examples of previous title names as described above are "Chair of Republic: join us, we have cookies"; "Chair of Republic: now with lamps", etc. New managers rapidly joined the title-changing trend.

This caused confusion among people who recently joined, but people quickly adapted to it.


  1. "1) Set your pfp to a chair ╠╗"
  2. LunaLovegood35. (12/06/2019) "omg the title keeps on changing"
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