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Can I help with it? --<scratchsig>JayceeMinecraft</scratchsig> 17:49, 18 October 2015 (UTC)

Yes, I'am happy that yoiu ask again. You are one of whom I thougt when writing:
  • Those restrictions surely sometimes kept of people that could have been successful if we only had given them a chance to prove it
  • Its also frustrating for potential authors to wait so long for a start, or to hear "no, we don't believe you could be successful because..."
here. I remenber that you urgently wanted to build a Wiki in Nigerian(Igbo) and we decided that not to set up it because there seems only to bee a "one person community". Now you can start with a "one person community" at and try to show that you can build a wiki and a community in Nigerian(Igbo). BTW: That's nearly what user:Rumanty did in Indonesia: First she was only one person, but she edited the indo-wiki nearly every day and as time goes by there were more poeople from indonesia editing the wiki. I made you an account ()test-scratch-wiki should have sent your password by mail to your adress that I still new) and copied our conversation at your new talk-Pagethere:
Please have in MInd that the test-scratch-wiki is not only for Nigerian(Igbo) but also for other language communities: So all Nigerian(Igbo) pages must be in a separate wiki-space with the Nigerian(Igbo)-SIgn in front of it. Surly you will get help. I'm looking very forward to the result and would be happy to create a separate Nigerian(Igbo)-WIki, after you demonstrated that it's possible in the Test-Scratch-Wiki. Good Luck!
Mtwoll (talk) 16:22, 19 October 2015 (MEST)