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单击'观看程序页面' 打开项目编辑器,然后对声音进行编辑。

Note Note: 重新混合时您应该尊重原始项目的创建者,并遵循社区准则

Scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 具有混音的不同方式。用户只需点击项目页面上的“观看程序页面”按钮即可打开该项目 。



The project editor after the "See Inside" button is clicked. Please note that this may look different depending on which project you opened.


Change the project as desired, such as changing costumes, or fixing bugs caused by errors in scripting. Modifications must be done to the projects before uploading. A remix without any modifications done is called Project Copying, and is not allowed on Scratch.


Save the remix by clicking on the yellow "remix" button on the top bar. Then, it should be replaced by the "Share" and "See Project Page" buttons. Press the "Share" button, and the project will be shared.

While credit will be automatically given, you can add additional credit in the Project Notes such as "By Username's Project 'Project name'"as a kind gesture, as noted above.

Scratch 1.x

Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

这些说明适用于Scratch 1.x系列。


Main article: Project Downloading
Click the word "Space Flight" in this case.

To download a project, find its page on the Scratch Website and look in the upper-right corner. There will be a link next to the words "Download this project!" Click that, do what it says if necessary, and wait while it is being downloaded. This can take a while. The larger the project (up to a size of 10MB), the longer it will take.


Once your project is downloaded, go and open it. Edit anything you wish (sprites, costumes, scripts and so on). Never re-upload a project without editing it; it is termed as Project Copying and is looked down upon. Copying can even result in a ban if repeated.


Credit is automatically given, though it is common for users to mention it anyway in the project's notes.

Share the project as if you would any other. Once the upload is done, you can view it online. Credit will automatically be given to the user who shared the project you remixed. However, you should give additional credit in the Project Notes as a kind gesture. A simple text like "Based on [...] by [...]" is enough.

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