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類別 外觀類積木
形狀 條形積木

The Next Costume 積木 is a 外觀類積木 and a 條形積木. The block changes its 角色造型 to the next one in the 造型面板, but if the current costume is the last in the list, the block will loop to the first.

The 舞台's version is 背景換成下一個.


This block is mainly used in 動畫類 程式, in which a sprite will progress through its costumes as with 停止動畫的動作. The 等待 () 秒 block is often used along with it to improve the animation speed.

An example script is below:

當 @greenflag 被點擊
重複 (10) 次 
  等待 (0.05) 秒

This contains the costume change and the animation delay.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

Along with the 造型換成 () block, it is one of the most commonly used 外觀類積木. However, this block is technically unnecessary due to the fact that the following code can be used:

造型換成 ((造型编号) + (1))

To get the effect of the nonexistent previous costume//category=looks block, the addition can be changed to subtraction, like this:

造型換成 ((造型编号) - (1))


Many 用戶 have made suggestions about removing this block, insisting that it does not make any sense without a Previous Costume block.[1] However, others have disagreed, saying that it saves time, is useful for animations, makes the scripting area less cluttered, and helps new Scratchers be less confused.[2][3]

The Scratch 團隊 made a comment on it[4] and announces that they might remove the block if it makes sense.



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