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面朝 () 度
面朝 () 度
類別 動作類積木
形狀 條形積木

The Point in Direction () 積木 is a 動作類積木 and a 條形積木. The block points its 角色 in the specified 方向; this rotates the sprite.

There has been some confusion involving the number system due to the fact that 0 is straight up, rather than off to the right (the default direction) or off to the left (as in a protractor), and that it uses a -180 to 180 circle rather than a normal 360 degree circle. Despite complaints[1], no changes have been made.


If a sprite must be turned and its direction is not known, this block can be used.

Some common uses for the Point in Direction () block:

  • Flipping a sprite
當收到訊息 [Flip v]
面朝 ((方向) + (180)) 度
  • Choosing where a cannon points
面朝 (詢問的答案) 度
  • Pointing vehicles towards a destination
面朝 (wanted destination) 度


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The block can be replicated with the following code:

右轉 @turnright ((wanted direction) - (方向)) 度



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