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"Join" redirects here. For the block that joins strings together, see Join ()() (block).
This zho is about creating an account on the Scratch Website. For information on requesting an account for the Scratch Wiki, see Scratch Wiki:Become a contributor.

There are certain things to know and rules to respect when creating an account for the Scratch Website.

Account Creation

A screenshot of the account creation page.
The front page as seen by a new account.

To create an account, go to the front page and click "Join Scratch" in the top right hand corner. If you already have an account, it will first ask you if you want to retrieve your password. When you get to the signup page, enter the following data:

  • Username
Use one that reflects you in some way, but does not give away any personal information like your full name or address. Do not try to impersonate other users, and do not use an inappropriate username either. If you do, your account might be blocked or deleted. Also keep in mind that you will not be able to change your username in the future without making a new account.
  • Password
A secure password should have both letters and numbers. To make it stronger, you may use symbols or a upper-lowercase combination, but make sure you can remember it! Always write your password down somewhere safe in case you forget it. But make sure not to leave a piece of paper with your password just lying around! Also remember not to write 'Scratch password' or similar on it, as that would be risky. To change the password after you've logged in, visit the Account Settings page. Scratch requires that your password be at least six characters when you create your account. A good way to make a secure password is to take a word you can easily remember, shorten it by removing vowels, replace a few of the letters with numbers, and add in punctuation. This way, your password is extremely hard to guess, but easy to remember.
  • Email Address
An existing email address is required so that the email address can be confirmed and the account is confirmed. If an account is not confirmed, it will not be able to comment or share projects.
  • Other data
Some of this data is optional, although your birthday, gender, and country are still required in order to create a Scratch account.

Then click Sign Up. You are now ready to post projects, comments, and use the forums.

Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips that help you stay secure and happy in a friendly environment with your account and on the Scratch Website. These are also summarized in the Community Guidelines.

  • Never share your password, or even hint your password
  • Do not create an account for a collaboration that you share with other people other than your family. Those will be blocked by the Scratch Team, because they can easily be used for private chatting or sharing private information.
  • Never share anything personal.
  • Do not insult other Scratchers or post offensive material about them.
  • Use the 'Report' buttons to signal the Scratch Team if you see any type of inappropriate behavior.
  • Do not post inappropriate content on any area of the site.
  • Always try to help fellow users when you can.
  • Give constructive comments on projects.
  • Use a password that is almost impossible to guess. Do not use common and predictable passwords such as the infamous "password" or "123456". If your password is too common or easy, somebody could guess it. They could then do suspicious activity such as making an inappropriate project that could get your account banned. If you know your password, and still can not get into your account, contact the Scratch Team.
  • If you ever forget your password, see this tutorial.
  • Do not use a Scratcher's real name, but only their username. This protects personal information.
  • Never use your username as your password.

Tips for Creating Secure Passwords

Some infomation contained in this section is in the above one.

  • Do not use your name
  • Do not use you accounts username
  • Do not use a pets name alone
  • Add in some spaces
  • Put in a mixture of capital letters, number, lowercase letters and punctuation
  • Do not do a password like '1234567890'
  • Have minimum eight characters

Reasons to Create an Account

Creating an account has many benefits, including:

Some users also create multiple accounts so that they can do things that they wouldn't want to do on their main account, such as make projects for collaborations, remix projects, or because they do not like their old username. Some people just do it for the fun of making comment chains with themselves.

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