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The correct title of this article is () > () (block). The change of name is due to technical restrictions.
() > ()
() > ()
類別 運算類積木
形狀 菱形積木

The () > () 積木 is an 運算類積木 and a 菱形積木. The block checks if the first value is greater than the other value. If the second value is less, the block returns true; if not, it returns false.

This block works with letters too, not just numbers. In Scratch, letters at the top of the alphabet (e.g. a, b, c) are worth less than letters at the end (e.g. x, y, z). Other rules of alphabetical order apply (e.g. zach > az). In Scratch 1.3 and previous versions, it only accepted numbers.


If a group must be arranged in size, this block can easily do the job.

Some common uses for the () > () block are below:

  • Arranging a set of numbers/letters
如果 <(a) > (b)> 那麼 
  說出 (字串組合 (b) 和 (字串組合 [, ] 和 (a))) (2) 秒
  說出 (字串組合 (a) 和 (字串組合 [, ] 和 (b))) (2) 秒
  • Evaluating numbers/letters
重複直到 <((a) + (b)) > (repcount)> 
  說出 (字串組合 [Checking i = ] 和 (repcount)) (2) 秒
  變數 [repcount v] 改變 (1)
說出 (字串組合 [The answer is ] 和 ((repcount) - (1)))
  • Comparing different 變量s (e.g. comparing two characters' health in a game)
如果 <(score1) > (score2)> 那麼 
  說出 [Gotcha!] (2) 秒
  • Cloud highscores (used by many)
如果 <(Score) > (☁ Highscore)> 那麼 
  變數 [☁ Highscore v] 設為 (Score)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The block can be replicated with the following code:

<<<(a) < (b)> 或 <(a) = (b)>> 不成立>


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