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This is a list of workarounds to issues found by Scratchers.

Fixing Common Problems in Scratch

Here are some of the common ways to fix an issue on Scratch

  • Clear the browser cache: A lot of website issues can be fixed by clearing the cache.
  • Refresh the browser: Make sure that projects are saved before a refresh or work will be lost.
  • Update flash version and browser version.


Script does not work

  • Make sure the blocks are still all attached (try dragging by the top block to test): Right click the script panel and select cleanup. Usually, this will show which blocks are unattached.
  • See if the script is in the sprite you want to respond
  • if clicking the green flag to start, make sure you have a
    when gf clicked

on top

Sprite Does Not Show on the Stage

  • Click
go to x: (0) y: (0)

Browser Operating System

Unsupported Browser Banner

If the browser currently has an unsupported browser banner, then you will need to upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox 31 or above, Chrome 35 or above and Safari 8 or above

Internet Explorer 8, Windows XP

Currently, projects cannot be saved on Internet Explorer 8. Projects can still be downloaded and saved locally on the computer. An alternative to Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP is Chrome or Firefox.

Editor Blocks

Export List with Slash in the Name

There is an issue where lists with slashes in their name cannot be exported, (/LIST) // category=lists. The workaround is to copy/backup the contents of (/LIST) // category=lists to another (NEW LIST) // category=lists and export (NEW LIST) // category=lists. Currently, a list cannot be renamed.

Adobe Flash Security Dialog Cannot be Dismissed

On some OSs, the Adobe security dialog cannot be dismissed for blocks that require video or microphone. A workaround is to go to the Adobe Settings manager and select 'never ask for permission' for Adobe Settings Manger

Extensions : LEGO WeDo and PicoBoard

LEGO WeDo with Online Editor MAC OS X

WeDo will not work if a new project is created via File/New in the online editor. The workaround is to refresh the browser page.

LEGO WeDo with offline editor

WeDo extension blocks will not work in the offline editor and the status light will remain green if the WeDo was disconnected and connected again. The workaround is to restart the offline editor.

Picoboard and Wedo Black Indicator Light

Wedo and Picoboard indicator light turns black after you click the presentation mode button. You will need to restart the offline editor to connect with Wedo

Picoboard and Wedo Both Connected on the Same Machine

Currently, there is an issue when Picoboard and Wedo are connected on the same machine. Wedo will disconnect.

Offline Editor

Editor Install Not Updating

If you find the editor install not working, try the following:

Scratch 1.4 Ubuntu Download

The download link for Ubuntu Scratch 1.4 on the Scratch website is not working. A download is available at Ubuntu Scratch 1.4

Exiting While Project Is Unsaved

Currently, there is an issue where the offline editor does not exit if the project is not saved prior to the exit. The workaround is to save the project under menu File/Save and then exit the program

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