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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 1.4). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Eng:Profile Page (2.0).
Someone's My Stuff Page.
The "welcome, username" bar.
The "my stuff" tab in the navbar.

A profile page was a Scratcher's user page. It could be accessed by clicking on the "my stuff" button on the toolbar if a Scratcher was logged in, or by clicking on the Scratcher's username at the top of the page or next to any project, comment, or forum post by them.

Contents of My Stuff

The My Stuff page contained the following sections:

My Projects

This section allowed you to view all the projects the Scratcher had shared, if they had any. If they had shared over fifteen projects, they would be sorted into pages, each showing fifteen projects at a time.

Projects in this section would be sorted by date, from newest to oldest.

User Information

In the top left hand corner, information about the user was located. If it was your own My Stuff Page, you could edit your location, password, user icon and the email address registered to your account. If it was somebody else's, you could add them to your Friend List, see their username, and see their location.

Comment List

This showed you the amount of comments you had posted. It also gave you a link to the list of these comments. This section was not available if you were viewing another user's page.

Ignore List

Main article: Ignore List

This section told you how many users were on your ignore list, and gave you the option to edit it. This section was not available if you were viewing another user's page.

5 Recent Friends

Main article: Friend List

This section showed the last five people the user had added to their friend's list. If one clicked "See more", they could view the user's complete friend list. "See more" was only available if the owner had more than 5 friends. Next to each friend's user icon, you could find a link to their page.


Main article: Gallery

Showed you five of the galleries that the user had created or had projects in. This section was known to be glitchy.

My Favorites

Main article: Favorite

This section allowed you to view all your favorited projects and delete them if you wished (only if it was your own My Stuff Page). Fifteen projects could be shown at one time. On somebody else's page, this was called (Username)'s Favorites.

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