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Quick reference for contributing:

What an account on the Test Scratch Wiki is
  • A portal to help internationalize the Scratch Wiki
  • A way of getting in touch with other interwiki editors
  • A way for other interwiki editors to get in touch with you
What an account on the Test Scratch Wiki is not
  • A status symbol or a bragging card
  • A one-time thing - don't join and then go inactive in two days
  • A place to take out your anger for getting banned on Scratch - contact the Scratch appeals team instead
What a good account request should include
  • The language(s) of wiki you want to contribute to
  • A short explanation of why you want to contribute
  • A link to your Scratch profile - no matter whether you're active on Scratch or not
What a good account request should not be
  • Blank
  • Devoid of any useful explanation ("I want to join because I want to edit pages")
  • Abusive or inappropriate for Scratch in any way ("let me in or I'll stalk you")

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