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Scratch 1.x is the previous series of Scratch. It runs from Scratch 1.0 to Scratch 1.4. Following is the current 2.x series, starting with Scratch 2.0.


Scratch 1.0

Main article: Scratch 1.0

Scratch 1.0 was released in 2007 at the very start of Scratch. It lacked many features including lists.

Scratch 1.1

Main article: Scratch 1.1

Scratch 1.1 only included one new block, Repeat Until (), which is very common in projects. Also, the feature to import sprites was implemented. The cap block shape was also introduced. Other than that, the program mainly stayed the same.

Scratch 1.2

Main article: Scratch 1.2

Scratch 1.2 had many additions and changes to 1.1. The costume #, tempo, volume, and () of () blocks were added in this version, the last of which replaced the abs () block. Several blocks were renamed in this version. For the first time, the last costume was the default for the switch to costume () block.

Scratch 1.2 Beta

In 1.2 Beta, there was a comment block. It was a Stack Block that allowed you to enter text. It was removed in the final release due to minor controversies.

Scratch 1.2.1

Main article: Scratch 1.2.1

Scratch 1.2.1 fixed several bugs in 1.2. A hidden sprite could no longer block mouse clicks on other sprites in presentation mode. The tempo monitor now showed that it is global. The Windows uninstaller no longer deleted the Scratch folder if it contained user projects. Two bugs in the change tempo by () and get attribute blocks were also fixed. It also added the rest for () beats block.

Scratch 1.3

Main article: Scratch 1.3

Scratch 1.3 replaced the previous version. The new version introduced lists, as well as the show and hide blocks for Variables. C blocks wrapped around stacks of blocks. For the first time, Comments took the form that remained in 1.4 and 2.0. This version added the note block.

Scratch 1.3.1

Main article: Scratch 1.3.1

Scratch 1.3.1 removed the glitchy note block from the original version.

Scratch 1.4

Main article: Scratch 1.4

Scratch 1.4 was the last version in the 1.x series. This version introduced Motor Blocks, asking and answering, and the join () (), letter () of (), length of (), and () Contains () blocks. Numbers was renamed Operators. Blocks had to be clicked only once to be activated. This version featured the heaviest UI update of any 1.x version.

Scratch 1.4 Beta

Scratch 1.4 Beta was different from 1.4 in that it featured Mesh. This version also included UI differences.

Scratch to

Scratch,,,,,, were variants to 1.4. These updates were the first to support Linux computers. They also supported RPM-based operating systems.


Throughout the 1.x series, the website also remained the much same. The program (development area) and the website were not connected, except via sharing and downloading. This changed in the 2.x series, with the development area integrated within the website.

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