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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

The Alt-Click feature allows users to edit various parts of the Scratch 1.x program. It is only available when the fill screen has been turned off by the Shift-Click-R method, or if Programmer Facilities are enabled.


On some computers one may be required to shift-click, control-click, middle click or right click to achieve the same effect, instead of alt-clicking. On some computers, multiple keys work. Linux users do not need to press any keys at all to produce the same effect. On most Windows computers, pressing the middle scroll wheel on your mouse will work too.

How to Use

When the fill screen has been turned off, a user can hold the alt key and click on any item in Scratch, causing the item to bring up a number of colored circles. Alt-clicking the same item multiple times will make the item that is selected more specific. For example, one could Alt-click the share button once, selecting the whole of the Scratch window — twice will select the entire top bar, three times will select the options, and a fourth time will select only the Share button.

What the Options do

The result of Alt-Clicking the Scratch Cat.

When one Alt-clicks an item, it will bring up a number of options. The amount of options available depends on the item selected. Below are all the possible options and their colors:

  • Dismiss Me (light pink)

— This deletes the selected item

  • Collapse Me (yellow-gray)

— Collapses the selected item

  • Rotate Me (blue)

— Allows the user to rotate the selected item by moving the mouse around

  • Menu for Me (red)

— Brings up the menu for the selected item

  • Grab me (black)

— Allows the user to drag the selected item around the Scratch Window

  • Drag Me (brown)

— Allows the user to drag the selected item around the Scratch Window

  • Duplicate Me (light green)

— Duplicates the selected item

  • Debug Me (light gray)

— Brings up a debugging menu

  • Repaint me (dark gray)

— Brings up the Paint Editor, which allows you to edit the selected item (only appears when sprites and the Scratch logo in the top left of the frame are alt-clicked)

  • Grow me (yellow)

— Allows you to change the size of the selected item by moving the mouse around

Alt-Clicking Morphs

Main article: Scratch Morph

Some Scratch Morphs have unique Alt-Click options. See the article for details.

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