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An Animated Meme is a recent trend that involves a character, which can be anything from a dog to a human. Usually, they are dancing to music. Animation Memes commonly have the character doing a variety of facial expressions and poses. Typically, many parts of the character's body are moving including the arms, head, eyes, ears, and more.



Many users do not think Animated Memes are memes, because the more well known definition is very different from Animated Meme projects. [citation needed] Memes have also been called "Lazy arm movements that ALWAYS get Top Loved for no reason."[1]

Due to the high amount of cats in Animation Memes, they have also contributed to the controversy surrounding the popularity of cats on Scratch.

Because of this, a lot of people have called Scratch "The Next DeviantArt" and have moved to other websites such as Snap, GameJolt, or DeviantArt itself.[citation needed]


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