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A bump is a post meant to bring a topic in the Scratch forums to the top of the forum, thus creating more activity on said topic. A bump is generally performed by posting the text "bump" in the wanted topic. Bring Up My Post is a common acrostic for the word "bump".


Bumps can be very useful when a user wishes for more opinions on their topic. Often topics which are helpful but do not provoke discussion (such as tutorials) tend to get buried after a while, and thus need regular bumping. Such helpful topics are sometimes stickied or ITopiced. It is good Scratch Etiquette to wait at least a couple of days before a bump.


Main article: Necropost

Bumping outdated, irrelevant, unwanted, unnecessary, or solved topics is called necroposting and is frowned upon in the Scratch Community.Template:Cn Scratchers new to the forums will often unknowingly necropost.Template:Cn Most Scratchers consider bumping after a month of inactivity necroposting. However, based on the activity or importance of a forum, this time may vary.[1] Bumping up old topics is only considered necroposting if no new and relevant information is added and/or the main purpose of the bump was to bring up a "dead" post, i.e. if a user posts on an old topic to add useful information it is not considered necroposting.

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