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Scratch allows sprites to be anywhere from 1% to 200% of their original size. However, for some projects 200% is not large enough to achieve the desired size of the sprite. This scripting tutorial will teach you how to bypass the size limitation of the sprite to be any size intended.

How to Hack the Size of Sprites

To complete this hack you will first need to create a new costume in the sprite you intend to enlarge. In this costume make sure you are using Raster Graphics better known as bitmap graphics and use the pen tool. Set the pen size to the smallest size possible and make a dot in the exact center of the editor were the cross is. Name this costume "Dot." Now in that sprite put the below script in:

when flag clicked
switch costume to [Dot v]
set size to (250)% //set this percentage to the size you want the spite to be
switch costume to [Sprite v]//this is the costume of the actual sprite ( not the dot )

Why This Works

This works because scratch allows you to set the size of a small dot to anything you want, but when you switch costumes the size you set the dot to remains.

Example Uses

when gf clicked
switch costume to [dot v] 
set size to (500)%
switch costume to [level1 v]
set x to (x scroll)
  • Making it possible for a sprite to move outside of the stage
switch costume to [dot v] 
set size to (500)%
switch costume to [large v] // this costume is very large (best is 480 by 360 pixels)
go to x: (600) y: (500)
switch costume to [invisible button v]

Since the costume is large, and the size hack makes it even bigger, it will be able to move to points on the screen that are far from the center of the stage while still keeping one part of the sprite visible on the stage. This allows the sprite to move without being stopped by the edges of the stage.

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