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Change Y by ()
2.0 Change Y by ().png
Category Motion
Type Stack

The change y by () block is a Motion block and a Stack block. The block moves its sprite's Y position by the specified amount.

Example Uses

Often in games, the player controls a sprite and moves it around, such as with velocity. In this way, the Change Y by () block (and the Change X by () block) can become very useful. The y axis ranges from -180 to 180.

  • In this script, which could control a paddle in Pong, a yVelocity variable controls the sprite's up and down movement. This allows the sprite to accelerate and decelerate.
set [yVelocity v] to [0]
    if <key [up arrow v] pressed?> then
        change [yVelocity v] by (2)
    if <key [down arrow v] pressed?> then
        change [yVelocity v] by (-2)
    change y by (yVelocity)
    if <(yVelocity) > [0]> then
        change [yVelocity v] by (-1)
    if <(yVelocity) < [0]> then
        change [yVelocity v] by (1)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following scripts:

set y to ((y position) + (change))

go to x: (x position) y: ((y position) + (change))

define change y by (value) //run without screen refresh
set [pastDirection v] to (direction)
point in direction (0 v)
move (value) steps
point in direction (pastDirection)

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