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Collab Accounts are created when 2 or more different users make an account and know the credentials for the account. (Username, Password.) Collab accounts are often made so that the two or more users can work on a single project without having to remix.

While we know these accounts can be convenient, we’ve seen some problems with them as well. Because of this, the Scratch Team strongly discourages the use of shared accounts.

– Paddle2See, Scratch Team

The Scratch Team's Reasoning

Paddle2See released this post with several reasons why the Scratch Team discourages Collab Accounts.

A problem with using shared collaboration accounts is that there is no clear record of who did what parts of the project - and there are no backup versions of the project if something gets messed up. A big problem is that anyone who logs into the account can see its email address, which is sharing contact information. And, if the account is abused in some way, Scratch Team can’t know who was using the account at the time the abuse happened - the result is we sometimes accidentally block people who weren’t even involved.

– Paddle2See, Scratch Team

If you have a shared account, please pick one member to become the account owner and have them change the email address and password so that it becomes a single-user account again. You can collaborate using remixing and/or the backpack and then, if you’d like, the person who controls the account for the collab can share the project when it’s done. You might want to use the Collaboration section of the forums or a studio to plan and organize this process.

– Paddle2See, Scratch Team


Are all shared Collab accounts going to be blocked? No, but if a shared collab account gets blocked, we will ask the users of it to convert it to a single user account

What if I want to share an account with my Sister/Brother/Mother/Father? That’s probably okay. If you’re sharing a computer with someone, and especially if you’re using the computer together, it’s okay to use the same account if you’d like.

Our teacher makes us use one account - is that okay? We generally discourage that, because if one student breaks the community guidelines, the entire class could lose their account.