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An example of the red border caused by a scripting error while using lists.
An example of the red border around the Scratch blocks caused by the error.

There was a system in Scratch 1.4 that detects scripting errors or other problems.

If, while running a project, The Scratch Program finds a mistake, it will attain a red border around the script and stop the program from running any further. The block (or blocks) causing the problem will turn red.


Errors can be caused by the following:

  • Dividing by zero
  • Using an invalid input in function block (operators)
  • Using a motion block in the Stage
  • Attempting to access the nth item of a list where n<0

Turning off Error Catching

To turn the Error Catching off, press the R in the Scratch logo while holding shift and press the "turn error catching off" option.