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Go Everywhere!
Go Everywhere.png
Operating Systems Any device with an HTML5 web browser
Purpose for creation To allow Scratch on portable devices
Developer(s) Lots
Open source? Yes
Programming language JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Released? Still in development
Compatible with 2.0
Archived Forum Topic
2.0 Forum Topic
Active Yes
Open Source Repository

Go Everywhere! was started by comp500 in May, 2011. He and his team are trying to develop something that almost everyone has dreamt of: Scratch on portable devices. Due to his inactivity, comp500 handed over to GP1, and the project now relies on developers jumping on and off to progress the development of the web app.

Changes from Scratch

Unlike Scratch, 'Go Everywhere!' uses JavaScript instead of Flash. While the ultimate goal is to make an interface similar to Scratch, Go Everywhere! will allow developers to extend upon the original Go Everywhere! capabilities using Add-ons, similar to Scratch Extensions.[citation needed]

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