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Most special roles in Scratch, can only be obtained through Scratch Team invitation. However, there are several that you can apply for. Note that you will need Scratcher status, to do any of these.

Becoming a Scratch Helper

Becoming a Scratch helper is an opt-in role. You can become a Scratch helper by submitting a welcoming project to this studio.

Becoming a Scratch Wiki Editor

Main article: S:CONTRIB

You can request a Scratch Wiki account here. Make sure to read everything and make your request as 'clear as possible', or else your request will be rejected. Your Scratch account must be at least two months old. You can view the full requirements here. If you are accepted, you will receive a comment on your profile.

Becoming a Front Page Curator

Main article: How to Nominate Yourself to Be a Scratch Front Page Curator

You can have a look at this studio for instructions on how to make your application to become a front page curator. You can submit your application by posting a link in the comments. If you are chosen, you will receive a comment on your application. Curators are chosen each week.

Becoming a Scratch Design Studio Curator

Main article: SDS Curator#Becoming a Curator

You can become an SDS curator by being active, and helpful, for four months (although some exceptions can be made). Note that, unlike other roles, the Scratch Design Studio Curators choose new members, not the Scratch Team.[1] If you are chosen, you will likely get a comment on your profile.

Becoming a Scratch Mentor

It is still unknown as to how exactly mentors are chosen. If you are chosen, you may receive a comment on your profile, or one of your projects.[2] Again, this role is by Scratch Team invitation only.[3]

Becoming a Community Moderator

Community moderators no longer exist.[4] All moderators are now part of the Scratch Team. Community Moderators used to be elected by the community.

Becoming a Scratch Stability Team Member

Not very much is known about becoming a member. What is known is that you have to help with bugs and glitches in the forums, and have tracked down bugs in the past. When you do, you will get a comment from a member of the Scratch Team on your profile asking if you want to join.

Becoming a Scratch Team Member

Main article: How can I be a Scratch Team member?

Being part of the Scratch Team is a full-time, paid job. You must be 18 years of age. Becoming a Scratch Team moderator is also now a full-time, paid job.[5]


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