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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The Block Library logo

ITopic: Welcome to your local block library! was an ITopiced forum topic that listed extra blocks for Scratch, BYOB, and Panther. Some are downloadable.

It had over 350 blocks in total, but when Scratch moved to the 2.0 site, the web-based Scratch 2.0 made them all useless. Currently there is no replacement thread.


The original topic was started by the Scratcher Sparks on July 15, 2010. Sparks created the Library because there were many topics about posting new blocks, and he thought it would be really nice if they were all together with a nice layout.[1] For this, he created the Library. When it started, the Library contained was empty, though over time, many blocks were shared and added.

The Block Library was doing well until Sparks started having too much outside work to do updates. To combat this, SSBBM suggested that a new account be created, which multiple people had access to.[2] Sparks agreed, and created the account YourLocalBlockLib, and chose the following five people to be "moderators," for the following reasons:[3]

High levels of support to the library he's contributed an impressive 29% of all the BYOB blocks in the library making him top BYOB contributor. It was his idea to allow moderators onto the site and many of the features you see on it are his brain children too!

– Sparks

His high standards for grammar, spelling and continuity have kept me in check and greatly reduced the number of mistakes in the library, his dedicated attention to detail is just what the Library needs!

– Sparks

Always chastising me for missing things out, his scrupulous attention to detail and a wonderful sense of fairness and equality will help keep the Library a friendly place.

– Sparks

He's been with us for quite a while now and has shared 24% of all the Scratch blocks in the library making him top Scratch block contributor! He has the dedication and excitement for the library to make a great moderator. He is likely to promote the task of moving all the blocks to a different webhost than imageshack so that everyone can see them!

– Sparks

The creator of the enormously helpful downloadable blocks addition to the BYOB section, he has put a huge amount of work into turning the script images into downloadable BYOB sprites and I'm sure his continued involvement in the Library will take us to new heights.

– Sparks[4]

In July 2011, about a year after the creation of the library, the library got an official website, hosted on ScratchR.

On September 15th, 2011, TheSuccessor quit as a Librarian, saying that he did not have the time anymore to help out.[5] Greenatic took his place as Librarian.

Holiday Logos

The Block Library sometimes did Holiday Logos, with a contest to decide which entry would be featured. In the past it has done a Christmas logo[6] won by Pecola1[7] and a 1st year anniversary logo[8] won by RUMCHEERYPOOPOO.[9]


Unlike many other forum topics, The Block Library contained separate posts that linked together.[10] The Block Library had the following pages:


Adding a New Block to the Library

All blocks in the Library were user-submitted. Any user could submit a block, for Scratch (or modifications that allow blockmaking), Panther, or BYOB. To submit a Scratch block, the user gave the blockspec and method code. The same went for Panther blocks, though the syntax was slightly different. To submit a BYOB block, the user needed to provide an image of the scripts, and a download optionally. For all platforms, images of the blocks were preferred, but not required.


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