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Kurt is a Python library created by blob8108 which allows complex manipulation of Scratch Project Files (.sb files) via simple Python commands. It includes a compiler and decompiler, which allows you to both load a project into a set of Python objects, and a compiler which lets you package a set of images/text-based scripts into projects.


Kurt can be used to simplify many Scratch tasks. For example, one can very quickly load hundreds of frames of a movie into a project, a task which can otherwise cause Scratch to hang up for several minutes.[1] It has a built-in two-way converter to the Blocks Plugin format, allowing easy export of scripts to that format, and editing of scripts in that format. This makes creation of complex scripts easier, for example when making single frame rendered graphics.

Kurt 2

The next version of Kurt, Kurt 2, will support conversion between various formats such as Scratch 1.4, Scratch 2.0, BYOB 3.1, and Snap!.

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