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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The credits tab.

The project credits feature was going to be a way for Scratchers to credit people who helped with the project. It would also be where the copyright and remix notices went. Only the sharer of a project or member of the Scratch Team would be able to edit the project credits — this is to avoid false information and to ease the project owner. This could all be found by clicking the "credits" tab on the right of a project's page.


Project credits could be edited by clicking on the existing credits on a project that you own. It would change the text of the credits into an HTML textarea, with the old credits inside. Below it were "save" and "cancel" buttons.

Common Uses

Project credits were generally used for mentioning people who helped in the creation of the project. This included people who gave ideas for the project, or media (sprites, costumes, sounds, etc.) used. It was used any time a Scratcher wished to give credit.

For other things, such as information about the project, the project notes should be used.


The Project Credits tab is not a feature in projects on the Scratch 2.0 Website. Instead Project Notes has been renamed to "Notes and Credits" to remind Scratchers to give credit. When remixing a project, the Notes and Credits box will automatically be outlined with blue while it is blank, telling the remixer to thank the original project owner and any other contributors.

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