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A sprite sheet is an image file which contains all frames of a sprite from a video game. They are very useful for remaking video games.

Ripping a sprite is simple, but it is time-consuming. First, make or obtain a sprite sheet (a good resource for this is the website

Separating the Costumes

On Windows

Open up the sprite sheet in a photo-editing program such as Paint. Open another Paint. Using the select tool, select one costume. Right click, then copy. On the other Paint, paste then save the costume. Repeat these steps for every other costume (that you are going to use).

On a Mac

On a Mac, open the image in Preview. Then select the costume's region, and press the key combinations cmd-C, cmd-N, cmd-S in that order. A popup will ask you what you want to save the costume as. Repeat this for each costume.

Opening the Costumes in Scratch

Open up Scratch. Click on the "Choose New Sprite" button. Click on the first costume you ripped. Then open up the remaining costumes as costumes for the first one. On every costume, delete the colored background and center the sprite. Here's a sample sprite: