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Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The original logo compared with a holiday logo.

The Scratch Holiday Logo is a differentiation of the normal Scratch Logo on holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. A Scratch holiday logo only appeared on the front page.

A list of the previous holiday logos can be found here.

Starting around Thanksgiving of 2010, there hasn't been any holiday logos because the Scratch Team had said that changing the logo was very difficult.[1]

Logos used on holidays were submitted by scratchers themselves.


  1. It had to have the word Scratch in it.
  2. You could work in a team or individually.
  3. You had to download the original logo and make modifications to it, then submit the image by posting a link to it.
  4. The dimensions of the logo should not have been changed. They should have been 198 x 60px.

Once a user had created the logo, they submitted it in this forum thread. The logos which the Scratch Team think are best may have been chosen for a holiday.


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