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The 5 Random Facts About Me meme.
The high remix count of a Scratch meme.
A few projects tagged with the word 'meme'.

A Scratch Meme is a project that is intended to be adapted when it is passed from person to person. One example of these are projects with a list of questions that are answered by other Scratchers via remixing.


One example of a Scratch meme is a question-based project. These projects typically ask Scratchers for a list of personal favorites, dislikes, facts, etc. Some memes will ask for the Scratcher to tag other people to continue the meme, although this is not necessarily the case for all meme projects: some Scratchers will remix a meme willingly on their own accord.

Another Scratch meme which largely occurred in September 2010 is "X doing Y while I play unfitting music". In it, there was a commonly known character X, and Y was a certain action. Thus, there would be a short looping animation being played, while random music also being played. In addition, users would comment on how fitting the music is.

Yet another example is the "X's problem with being gone." It displays a large number of something accumulative on Scratch, usually messages, obtained by using Inspect Element.

Although there are a few broad and common types of Scratch memes, they usually come in a variety of forms, asking Scratchers for their answers of varying and wide arrays of topics, such as rapidly-remixed projects. One of the most well-known Scratch Memes is Random Facts About Me Meme, which calls for a Scratcher to list five random facts about himself or herself, and then tag five people afterwards.

Example Projects

Here are a few example memes:

Name Number of Scripts Number of Sprites More info
Fireflies dance MEME 28 16 link
JUMP Meme! 4 2 link
Realistic Snake! I'm so proud of this X3 1 0 link
Wazzo's Problem with Being Gone for a Month 3 4 link
Add ur head on the chicken :3 3 2 link
The Scratch Cat Meme 3 1 link

Internet Memes

Also popular on Scratch are Internet memes in the traditional sense —concepts, often media, like songs, images, or videos which become popular and circulate around the Internet. These are used both in projects and on the Scratch Forums. Some examples of popular ones on the site include "Gangnam Style", the epic face emoticon, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the trollface, "Shoop da whoop", ponies from My Little Pony, Weegie, asdfmovie, "Yee", various Sonic memes, creepypasta, and countless others. As new trends pop up on the internet, they often do on Scratch as well.

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