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The "See Inside" button

See Inside is a button which allows Scratchers to view the programming of a project without having to go through the effort of downloading the project[1]. It also allows users to edit projects, and then remix them if they are not the original creator.


See Inside was first introduced in Scratch 2.0. Before the See Inside button was introduced, users had to go through the process of downloading the project, and then viewing it in the offline editor.


See Project Page button

When the "See Inside" button is clicked, the project's editor will open. If the project is edited and exited without saving, nothing in the project will change. However, if the project is saved, the remix will be saved as a separate project.

With the ability to see the project editor through the "See Inside" button, users can do things like:

  • See how a project works.
  • Make changes to the project to see different effects.
  • Remix the project.
  • Download or add part of the project to their backpack.
  • Read any project comments the project's creator might have left.

When the project editor is shown, this button becomes "See Project Page", and will take the user back to the project viewing page.


Some users feel that there should be an option to make a project "unremixable" by removing the "See Inside" button.[2] Users might feel this way for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • They put in a lot of effort and don't want people to 'steal it'.
  • They don't want users to be able to see how they did something.
  • They don't want users to be able to 'cheat' a game by manipulating the code.
  • Teachers might want to teach their students something and don't want them looking at the source code to solve a problem.

However, this suggestion has been rejected by the Scratch Team as they don't want to remove the creative learning feature from other projects.[3]


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