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A shop is a forum in the Requests forum where a Scratcher can get resources (like sprites, scripts, music, and more) on request. They can be very useful, for example, if one wanted to make make a game with fish, but did not know how to draw them, they could find a shop that "sells" art.

Art Shops

They are forums that sell sprites for other Scratchers to use. Sometimes shops will contain a specific type of art for others to use, such as animals or fantasy objects. Other times Scratchers can request specific sprites, backdrops, signatures, and more.

Sound/Music Shops

A sound shop is a forum that sell sounds effects and music for other Scratchers to use. These kinds of shops are not very common, as there are not many musicians that are on Scratch.

Voice Acting Shops

Main article: Voice Acting

A Voice Acting shop is a sound shop with voices, where Scratchers can request voice actors for a project or animation they might be making.

Script Shop

Main article: Custom Blocks

A script shop is a forum where you can request scripts to use in a project. These are useful when you do not know how to make a script do something, such as make a cloud list. Lots of script shops also One of the most common type of script shops is a custom block shop, where Scratchers create Custom Blocks for others to use.

Idea Shops

Main article: Idea Shop

An Idea Shop is a shop where Scratchers can get ideas for projects. A lot of times these are located in the ideas forum instead of the request forums where most shops are located.

Everything Shops

Everything shops have a lot of order forms for many different products, such as art, music, and scripts. These are very common in the forums, and about 90% of shops are everything shops.

Ordering From Scratch Shops

Shops on Scratch often provide an order form to fill out, however, if you are having trouble finding or using the form, please politely ask for assistance from the Shop owner or staff.