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Show List ()
2.0 Show List ().png
Category List
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Show List () block is a Lists block and a Stack block. The block shows the specified list's Stage monitor. The block was originally going to be Show Monitor (), showing both variables and lists, but this was changed in the beta.

Example Uses

In projects that use lists' stage monitors to display things, the displays may have to hide and show at times — with the Hide List () block, this can be done.

Some popular uses are:

  • Displaying an inventory
when key [x v] pressed
say [And you carefully open your backpack…] for (2) secs
show list [inventory v]
  • Showing output
when gf clicked
delete (all v) of [Random numbers v]
add (pick random (1) to (10)) to [Random numbers v]
add (pick random (1) to (10)) to [Random numbers v]
add (pick random (1) to (10)) to [Random numbers v]
say [Let me come up with some numbers…] for (3) secs
show list [Random numbers v]
say [Here they are!] for (3) secs

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